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July/August 2020

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Basic Training Photo Gallery
Basic Training Photo Gallery
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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or mkeating@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

Looking for anyone who knew William George Martin from Titusville, Fla., 1st Inf. Div. He was KIA in Bien Hoa, Oct. 13, 1968. He was one of the Black Lions. He used to visit family in Cumberland, Md. Contact: Gus Caporale, cap1@atlanticbb.net

Searching for anyone I served with in 199 LIB, 3rd Plt., 1st Sqd., 1968. Can anyone tell me how to reach a medic? Contact: Duane Johnson, duejon@yahoo.com

Looking for Bob Gardner, Dave Koza, and Len Zatoris. We left Ft. Jackson and flew to Ft. Polk for our infantry training in Nov. 1966. I am in contact with Roger Brown. Contact: Chuck Bauer, 215-722-3518; linedog716@yahoo.com

Searching for anyone who served at Camp Tien Sha Medical Dispensary, Nov. 1966-67 or NSA Station Hospital, Danang, Aug. to Dec. 1966. Contact: Patrick J. Houston, M.D., patrickjhouston@yahoo.com

Looking for Capt. Joel Snow and the infantrymen serving in his company, 1/46th in Danang, Aug.-Nov. 1971. I think we were out of Camp Red Horse, but that may have been the arty. unit I was assigned from. I was your Sgt. Forward Observer for several months. I have pictures of us in the field. Contact: Jim Wideman, jimwideman1111@gmail.com

Going through my father’s things, I found a Zippo lighter that did not belong to him. He was in Chu Lai, 1966-67. I would love to find the owner or next-of-kin. The name on it is Capt. Richardson. Contact: Alex Sekulich, stonewall3116@gmail.com

Looking for anyone who served with or knew my uncle, William “Billy” Byron Webber, who was in Co. A, 523rd Sig. Bn. as a radio teletype operator in Vietnam, April 1969-70. He passed away in 1995. I am a veteran law enforcement officer. I’d like to find out more. I found two people who served in the same company and time: Joe Spain and Neal Reichardt. Contact: Jonathan Parker, 912-663-9344; info@jonathanoparker.com

Searching for corpsmen William Long and Joseph Cotton, members of the Kien Giang Province Health Care Team. Contact: William R. Brown, Jr., M.D., daddybearmd@icloud.com

Looking for anyone stationed near Giessen NR, Frankfurt, Germany. I am English and was in a band in the summer of 1967. We played two months at the Tanz Bar Modern in Giessen. Hundreds of soldiers came. After thirty days of R&R the soldiers were shipped to Vietnam. My band was called Infrared, and we were friends with a Scottish band called Skats Katz. Contact: John McGrath, johnkmcgrath@live.co.uk

Searching for David Sodeman from Rochester, N.Y. We served in Long Bien, 1969, 147 LEM, 1st Logistics. Contact: Lee Federiconi, lfedericoni84@gmail.com

Looking for Terry (last name unknown) from C/2nd/17th F.A. FDC who traveled on R&R with me in 1971 to Australia. I have pics from that R&R and from our hooch to share. Contact: Jack Buckler, jackbuckler@aol.com

Searching for anyone in C11, Basic Training at Ft. Bragg, 1967. My pictures were destroyed in a fire, so I would like a group picture. I will pay any associated costs. Contact: Alvin Armwood, P.O. Box 471, Backbone Rd., Princess Anne, MD 21853.

Looking for anyone stationed at headquarters company of 125th Air Traffic Control Bn., Bien Hoa, Dec. 1970-71. I was headquarters company mail clerk and courier. Contact: Garry Price, gprice15@cox.net

Searching for help in acquiring the U.S.S. Niagara Falls AFS-3 ship’s manifest (logs) showing participation in the evacuation from Vietnam, April 29-30, 1975. How do I get this info and apply for the Vietnam Service Ribbon to show on my DD-214? The cutoff date for this ribbon was March 28, 1973, but those who participated in the evacuation were deemed eligible after lobbying by several veterans groups. Contact: Wendel G. Klotz, #1454583, Hughes Unit, Rt. 2, Box 4400, Gatesville, TX 76597-0001.

Looking for James L. Smith, 9th Inf. Div., Tan An, 1969-70. His rank was Spec.4, and he was wounded very badly. His last address in the ’70s may have been in San Diego. Contact: Sam Callis, 15910 SW 88th Ave., Miami, FL 33176.

Searching for anyone stationed in Danang in the winter of 1973. I was there TDY for six weeks, but there seems to be no record of that. I was A1C Kenneth “Cappy” Caplinger. Contact: Ken Caplinger, kcap1953@gmail.com

Looking for friends who served in 1971-72 at Bien Hoa in a MACV Unit, 3rd Armored Cav. I was called Frenchy because I lived close to Canada. Contact: Noah LaPan, nlapan@myfairpoint.net

Searching for buddies from my unit in Vietnam but I cannot find a listing for the unit. I served with the 172nd Eng. Det. at Camp Eagle between Phu Bai and Hue. I need help getting the correct information. Contact: Art Johnson, art283066@gmail.com

I found a lighter dated Aug. 6, 1966, and inscribed, “To Judie and Gene, U.S.S. Parachutin AE 18.” I would like to return this lighter to its owner. Contact: Joe Cortez, joecortez7777@gmail.com

Looking for Antonio Pino, Ret. U.S. Army, possible Lt. Col. He was a family friend. Contact: Karlin Russell, karlin.russell@yahoo.com

Searching for sailors who served with me, Signalman E-5, on the U.S.S. Fechteler (DD-870), March 1966 to Oct. 1967. Contact: John S. Redick, jredick@woh.rr.com

Uriel Frank GardnerA journalist in Salina, Kansas, I have been in the business for more than four decades. My first supervisor, Uriel Frank Gardner, a Vietnam veteran, hired me in Garden City, Kansas, in August 1978. He was among my mentors. We even shared an apartment for a time. I would like to reconnect with him. I know he was from Redondo Beach, California. He may have been living in Coarsegold, California. His relatives include Kim Gardner and Paula Behmer. Contact: Tim Unruh, 785-829-1972; timunruh.reporter@gmail.com

Looking for past issues of the Americal Division’s weekly newspaper The Southern Cross. I have several and would like to complete the collection. Contact: Leslie Hines, americalhistory@gmail.com

Searching for those who served in 3/12, 4th Inf. Div. A Facebook group page has been developed for 3/12 Nam vets; it already has more than 200 members. There is no charge but you have to prove that you were in 3/12 or their kin. Pictures, maps, and maybe some old buddies. Contact: Billy Ironhorse, billyironhorse1@aol.com

Looking for anyone in the 4th Admin. Co., 4th Inf. Div., 1969-70, Camp Enari and Camp Radcliff. Contact: Don Siemers, d_siemers@yahoo.com

Looking for anyone who worked on Ward 4-A of the 4th floor of Ireland Army Hospital, Ft. Knox, 1970-71. Contact: Tim Christenson, csiedlik@gmail.com

Searching for shipmates Joseph A. Fussner, MMFN, Bernard D. Holtrop, FA, William H. Willis, FA, and Paul C. Wierman, DCFN. Also, anyone who served on U.S.S. Camden AOE2, October 1966 to June 1968. Pre-commissioning school to commissioning in Philly to Gitmo. Panama to Long Beach to Bremington, Wash., for dry dock repairs. Contact: David Starkey, 11901 Williams Rd., Cumberland, MD 21502; 301-777-1998.

Looking for anyone who graduated from Boot Camp at Parris Island, October 1966, Platoon 2079. DIs were Howard Corbit and H.M. Bruce. Contact: Bill Abril, 102 Hamilton Rd., Wrentham, MA 02093; 508-384-2552.

I would like to locate a WAC with whom I served at Landstuhl, Germany, 1964-65, 2nd Gen. Hosp. She was from Baltimore. Contact: William M. Naugle, 6873 South Township Rd. 79, Attica, OH 44807.

Looking for Joseph Miller, who served with A Co., 3rd of 1st, 11th Brigade in Vietnam, 1968. He was a machine gunner from New York, and for a time was in the Auburn Correctional Facility. We were in touch at one time. Contact: David Orndorff, 95 Decarolis Dr., Tewksbury, MA 01876; 978-988-3821

Looking for others who have tracked morbidity information on Vietnam veterans. Since the March/April 2017 issue of The VVA Veteran, I have tabulated the ages of our departed brothers. Of a total of 3,091 deaths, 77 percent were under the age of 76. This percentage has remained consistent as I add new data every two months. Contact: Tom Carroll, tomcarroll5@verizon.net

Looking for anyone who served with me at Cat Lai in a Rocket & Mortar Flash Observer Group, 1968-69. I want to apologize to Bill Rienken over an incident. Contact: Thomas Cilli, 6489 Tuscarawas Rd., Midland, PA 15059; 724-643-8753.

Trying to locate my friend, Spencer B. Stewart, MCB #7, 1966-68. Contact: R. Dale Kennedy, 16806 N-1 Ln., P.O. Box 126, Hermansville, MI 49847; 906-295-0899.

Looking for Robert Carson from Boston. I was with him in Quang Tri in 1968 with the Marines. We took a convoy to LZ Stud where he was hit by a rocket that landed as we were getting off the truck. Contact: Donald Anderson, 520-266-9300: dganderson2020@gmail.com

Looking for a copy of the book, Letters from Vietnam. I had a copy but it fell apart from use. Also looking for donations of greeting cards, envelopes, calendars, tote bags, pens, etc., so my husband and I can continue our Good Samaritan Ministry, helping and cheering up veterans. Also in need of MFR coupons, which are valid at APOs, FPOs, etc. Contact: Karen and Ralph Ludy, Good Samaritan Ministry, P.O. Box 1550, Pottstown, PA 19464-0806.

Searching for classmates from the USAF Still Photo School at Lowery AFB Class of 1968-69. I found three classmates but I’m still missing Thomas Pas, Wayne Kittler, Bob Battina, Kirkindorfer, and Steve Gunther. Contact Randy Cunningham, brooksannc@optimum.net

I was in the 3rd Herd, USMC, Vietnam, 1966-68, as a Combat Correspondent. Wondering if any of you dawgs recall my name: Chuck from Bentley in Livonia class of ’62. In the Corps I was called KBAR. Now retired, living in the woods of middle Michigan. Hoping to come across anyone I may have known back in the day--especially any of the jarheads who went through Basic in San Diego in February 1968. Contact: Charles Giesler, charlesgiesler@gmail.com

I am trying to find information about James R. Worrell, PFC, B/5/503, KIA Nov. 23, 1967. My wife Kristyn Worrell would have been James’ niece. We have been extensively attempting to locate information about her uncle—photos, stories, documents—to put together and give her father, James’ brother, as a remembrance gift this year. We have several photos of James, but recently found footage the day of and before his death, Nov. 22-23, 1967, on Hill 875. We are looking for more photos or videos of that company during the time of his deployment, beginning July ’67, or to talk with anyone who served with him. Contact: Jason Kelley, 561-644-0358; Jason@designsbyjason.com

Searching for James A. Wykoff. I wish to return your pictures. Contact: R.M. Farrier, 13741 Thunderbird Dr. 50J, Seal Beach, CA 90740.

The Army says the records don’t exist. I enlisted Nov. 13, 1964, did Basic at Fort Jackson and AIT at Fort Eustis. Mid-1965 I was sent by train to Fort Hood. After a month my company, the 55 Maint. Co. Aviation Direct Support, whose CO was Maj. Allison Nicholson, was sent to Oakland Army Terminal, then by ship to Vietnam. In late 1965, I was injured and sent to the 85th Med Evac, then to Clark AFB, then to Yokosuka Naval Hospital. After four months, I returned to Vietnam. Afterward I returned to Fort Eustis, where I tried to go back to Vietnam but instead was sent to Korea. But the Army says there is insufficient evidence that I served in either Vietnam or Korea. The photos are of me and the company orderly room at the Qui Nhon Airfield. I’m looking for anyone who can corroborate that I was there. Contact: Robert J. Backora, 172263, MCI-J, Box 549, Jessup, MD 20794.





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