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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or ddevora@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

Looking for a Vietnam veteran who said he lived in or around Perry, Iowa. I served with him in Danang from 1966-67. His name is Larry Faye. Contact: Gary C. Jordan, garyjordan@midco.net

Looking to locate III MAF CAP Marine & Corpsmen who served between 1965-71. Contact: Daniel Roberts, 479-276-9122; dfroberts555@gmail.com

Looking to make contact with Glen R. Lanier who was company clerk with the 66th Military Police Company in 1968. He was from Kissimmee, Fla. Contact: James Swafford, 706-429-3468; jcswafford@windstream.net

I am the daughter of Daniel Phil Cogdill. He was in Vietnam 68-69. He was in the 1st Calvary. I would like to talk to people who knew him or have pictures of him. He passed away on 1-8-24. Contact: Danita Cogdill, dcogdill81@icloud.com

I’m searching for Mark Luterbien. We did basic and AIT at Fort Gordon. He was the best man at my wedding, then disappeared. Please get in touch with me. Contact: Mike Weaver, toadhollowridg@aol.com

Trying to locate and reconnect with Vietnam veteran Rafael Rivera from Bayamon who served with 68th Armored Reconnaissance Company B. Contact: Barton Bernales, bjbcwhgn2@yahoo.com

Looking for information on Lt. H. W. Langdon, 1st. Recon Bn. C Company. I am conducting research on his unit (2nd. platoon) that served in Vietnam 1967. Contact: Robert Bedard, bedardrobert02@gmail.com

Looking for anyone that served at Schofield Barracks in Special Services from Jan 63 to Oct 65. We were the few “outsiders” before USAHAW left the building. Contact: Clarence Parrish, cparrish14@aol.com

For an article I am researching on the counterculture in the military during the Vietnam War, I would like to talk with someone who worked on Grunt Free Press magazine between 1968-71. Contact Ignacio Pulido, ignaciopulidofoto@gmail.com

We are trying to locate officers and men who served with the 101st Airborne, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, Company B, 1st Platoon, on June 13, 1969. Staff Sgt. Donald Christie perished that day shielding his men from grenades. We seek to upgrade his Silver Star. Contact: John Conti, 732-241-8287; james_mckayLLL@yahoo.com

Looking to connect with John Young, Jr. He was my drill sergeant from February to April 1965 in the Fourth Platoon C-14-4 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Contact: John M. Ferguson, jmacferg1@yahoo.com

I would like to make contact with anyone who served with my uncle, Dave (David Gersham) Brothers. He was a medic with HHC, 2nd Battalion/60th Infantry Regiment, with the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam from October 1968 to October 1970. Contact: Wes Bowyer, 507-828-9883; wes.bowyer@northstarsb.com

Searching for anyone that I did Air Force basic training with in the 3723 BMTS Flight 0112 from January 1975 to March 1975. Also, anyone I served with in the 86th Transportation Squadron at Ramstein AB, West Germany from June 1975 to June 1977. As well as Sandy Ashley who served in the 86th Supply Squadron during the same dates. Contact: Richard Hensley, birderman2018@yahoo.com

Looking for two or three American veterans who served in any capacity in Southeast Asia from 1965-73, who returned home during the withdrawals of 1972-73, and who are willing to share their experiences serving and returning home in a book I am researching about the end of the Vietnam War. Contact: Remy Monplaisir, 201-786-8976; reminem@outlook.com

Searching for anyone who served with Clair Bruce Mohler in 1967-68. Clair was a medic with 1st Battalion 12th Cavalry brigade Air Mobile, 1st Cavalry Division, Company B&C. Especially information related to Lt. James Wyatt and Sgt. Anthony Ridolfo. Contact: Robert Mohler, rob@robandjenmohler.com

Searching for any fellow comrades who served and fought with me, Joe Zunno, in Alpha Co., 4/31st 196th LIB during 68 to 69. Especially interested in sharing memories of Sgt. Donald Wilder who was a terrific leader who always tried his best to keep us alive. Contact: Joe Zunno: jmzunno@gmail.com

Wanting to connect with someone who served with Samuel L. Williams, Jr., ASA 303 Bn. (Radio Research Unit); attached to 101st Airborne, 2/502, LRRP team, 67-68, or anyone that served in ASA/Radio Research Unit in Vietnam. Contact: Ken Roy, kenroy48@aol.com

Looking for anyone who served with Larry Fowler in 1965-66. Air Force Military Police. Contact: Bill Kern, billkern@me.com

Searching for anyone who served with Ron Berry or Jon Krolikowski in 1969. They were with Charlie Company, 1st Engineer Battalion, in the 1st Infantry Division. Contact: Kevin Larkin, KL1809@gmail.com

Looking for Pat McMillan or anyone who served with him with the Green Berets in Vietnam. Believed to be from the Long Beach area in California. Contact: Bob McMillan, 204-435-2055; bobmcmillan@gmail.com

I am looking for anyone who served with or worked with the 19th Ordnance Company (DAS) and its attachments during the 1965 to 1966 time frame. It was located in Nha Trang. Contact: Jim Kulas, 703-663-8544; Polishpop1@earthlink.net

Searching for anyone I served with in the Army 61st Transportation Company (POL) hauling fuel on Dong Ha, and later to Cam Ranh Bay 1968-69. Contact: Tom Loeffler, tloef10638@aol.com

Looking for anyone I was stationed with at the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital Laboratory from 1970 to the middle of 1972. Contact: Darwin Ludi, pdludi@gmail.com

Looking for Marines and Navy Corpsmen who were with Master Sgt. David H. Brown of 3/26, KIA Sept. 10, 1967, particularly Staff Sgt. Marvin Bailey, at the battle on Hill 48, Con Thien. Contact: Shellee Harrison, 731-607-8395; shelleeharrison@gmail.com

Searching for Arthur Hill, Doug Blanchard, and Conway Lanford. We attended Army Language School at Briggs Field in 1968-69 and would like to get in contact with them. Contact: Tom Smith, tdersmith@gmail.com

Looking for Corpsman Paul Schnabel. We served together in Vietnam with K Co. 3rd Bn. 5th Regiment, 1st Marine Div. 1968-69. He is from Texas. Contact: Leonard Guzman, 860-246-2491

Looking for Ken Monday from Tucson. We served together in Vietnam from Sept. 1968 to May 1969 with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. Contact: Don Rack, 513-821-1150; DonLRack@hotmail.com

I was stationed with 406th Medical Lab Camp in Zama, Japan from October 1968 to February 1970 in the blood bank and the library. Would love to hear from anyone who was stationed there. Contact: Arthur Levine, mrcandee@aol.com

Searching for anyone I served with in the 155th Transportation Co. in 1965-66. Contact: Joseph Sokola, a67gtc@yahoo.com




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