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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or ddevora@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

26th Marines Association annual reunion. Sept. 26-29. Hilton Garden Inn, St. Augustine, Fla., Historic District. All eras and ages are welcome, including MEU’s. Contact: 26thMarines.org, or email info@26thmarines.org

7th Bn, 13th Arty, 1st Field Force, 1966-70, All batteries reunion. October 6-11. Lexington, Kentucky. Contact: Kevin Calkins, 630-542-1095.

The 36th Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA) reunion, June 5-8. Hilton Washington Dulles Airport. Herndon, Va. For more info and updates: www.vhcma.org/reunions.html

101st Airborne (B 2/501) 1967-1972, October 2024. Amarillo, Texas. More info at www.b2501airborne.com

39th Annual Vietnam Veterans reunion. All veterans welcome. August 8-11. Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln, Nebraska. Contact: Roy Schoen, 402-435-0454; more information at www.vetreunion.com

U.S. Navy Mine Division 113, Vietnam War, September 19-22. Gettysburg, Pa. Contact: Dick Schreifels, 651-455-1876; richard_rosemary@msn.com

1st Marine Division Association 77th Annual Reunion. Anyone who served with or supported the Blue Diamond is welcome. August 18-24. San Antonio. Contact: Dennis J. Coady, 760-763-3268; june.oldbreed@fmda.us

U.S.S. Bordelon (DD/DDR-881) reunion. Oct. 12-16, 2025. Embassy Suites Hotel Indianapolis. Contact: Robert Evans, 415-302-1912; bobinspects@sbcglobal.net

U.S.S. Newport News (CA-148) reunion. June 17-22. Crowne Plaza Warwick, Providence, R.I. Contact: Mike Gallo, 860-861-4199; msgallo43@gmail.com

U.S.S. Cogswell (DD-651). Oct. 15-17. New Orleans. Contact: George H. Overman, 760-889-2216; secretary@usscogswell.com

7/17th Air Cavalry. Sept. 18-24. Charleston, S.C. Contact: John Nelson, 580-595-0313.

Force Logistic Command USMC RVN. Sept. 24-27. Oceanside, Calif. Contact: Vern Snodderly, 209-535-0966; vasnodderly@comcast.net

Khe Sanh Veterans Association (all services). Aug. 25 to Sept. 1. 1325. S. Hurstbourne Pkwy, Holiday Inn East, Louisville,. Contact: Russ Turner, 314-368-5853; rkt88@prodigy.net

14th Transportation Bn. (Vietnam) reunion. Apr. 2-7, 2025. Hilton Washington Dulles Airport, Herndon, Va. For more info and updates:

U.S.S. Litchfield County (LST 901). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Don Lerche, 309-530-8710, donlerche@yahoo.com

U.S.S. Park County (LST 1077). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Mike Kempf, 317-490-4229, koby.43@icloud.com

US LST Association. Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Angela D’Aloisio, 803-865-5665, support@nehemiahcommunications.com

U.S.S. Sutter County (LST 1150). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Guy Simmons, 978-476-3895, guysimmons@aol.com

U.S.S. Wexford County (LST 1168). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Larry Condra, 314-604-5221, Larrygeec@netscape.net

U.S.S. Saginaw (LST 1188). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Angela D’Aloisio, 803-865-5665, support@nehemiahcommunications.com

LSM/LSMR (all ships/all years). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Angela D’Aloisio, 803-865-5665, support@nehemiahcommunications.com

U.S.S. Jerome County (LST 848). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Dennis Hager, 410-474-9072, DennisHager@comcast.net

U.S.S. Barnstable County (LST 1197). Oct. 14-16. Warwick, R.I. Contact: Scott Gulbransen, 352-339-0605, Scott.Gulbransen@yahoo.com

25th Infantry Div. Association. Sept. 30 to Oct. 6. Herndon, Va. Contact: Sarah Krause, TropicLtn@aol.com; www.25thida.org

U.S.S. Point Defiance (LSD 31) reunion, Sept. 11-15. Pasco, Wash. Contact: Mike Doto, 406-491-9308; mdoto@bridgemail.com

Da Nang Dog Handlers reunion, Oct. 17-19. Plymouth, Mass. More information at https://366thspsk-9.com

Battery Adjust, Marine Artillery Association (all eras). Sept. 18 - 22. Tybee Island, Savannah, Ga. Anyone who served with Marine Artillery. Contact: Ed Peterson, 732-754-8755; ed66451@aol.com

5th Maintenance Battalion (DS) Reunion. All veterans welcome. August 26-30 Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Tenn. Contact: Ken Hamblin, 435-668-1918; khamblin@infowest.com

601st Tactical Control Association. Sept. 15-18. Dayton, OH. Contact: Paul Mussolino, 937-838-0812; mussolino@earthlink.net




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